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    It is a testing e-learning course!

    This course is an analysis of problems and issues faced by production and operations managers in manufacturing and service industries. Concepts and techniques include operations scheduling, quality control, plant layout, facility location, line balancing, queues, production and inventory controls, forecasting and linear programming. Prerequisite: STAT285.


    A course designed to aid pastors and teachers in teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children, adolescents, and adults. In this collaborative and experiential platform, students will explore current learning, decision-making, communication, facilitative leadership theories, and their application to teaching in ministry. In addition, students will be provided an opportunity to develop useful programs and presentations to use in their current or upcoming ministries.



    Students will be able to:

    1. Understand the significance of education and teaching, and the role it plays in ministry.
    2. Formulate a personal understanding of the role of Christ as the Master Teacher.
    3. Use organizational leadership principals to aid in ministry development.
    4. Incorporate learning theories and proven strategies to motivate and encourage learning and engagement in their circle of influence.
    5. Understand the principles of self-reflection in order to become an effective teacher, communicator, and passionate leader.
    6. Be aware of the servant leadership role in learning and of the Holy Spirit and what it means to be used in His service.
    7. Choose to abide by principles of the Bible, and maintain a life of integrity.
    8. Create and implement content with the needed structure and organization to convey a body of knowledge and information effectively.


    This course is interactive in nature, and includes, warm-ups, student-led demonstrations and presentations, collaborative experiences, and independent assignments. Students may be asked to use a variety of ways to express their knowledge. Because of is this multi-faceted approach to learning, the student is encouraged to prepare for class by beginning the assignments prior to their due date, rubrics will be provided for each assignment.

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